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Luke Smalley
Exercise at Home
November 29, 2007 - January 12, 2008

The gallery is pleased to host an exhibit of photographer Luke Smalley's work in the gallery in celebration of the publication of Exercise at Home, a new monograph from Twin Palms publishers. In contrast to the anachronistic, turn-of-the-century black & white look and feel explored in his first book Gymnasium, this show will feature all new color images.

Done in and around the northwestern Pennsylvania town he still calls home, Smalley revisits themes of adolescent growing pains acted out under the guise of earnest athleticism. Teenagers compete in simple yet strange competitions meant to establish their standings amongst one another. Two youths practice boating safety procedures on a small craft that happens to be indoors, have a psychological game of tug of war with a mid evil looking apparatus on their heads, and practice swimming strokes while lying on a gym floor. As in the past, the photographer has painstakingly coordinated the creation of the work presented here, often making his own athletic equipment, props, and costumes.

This will be the artist's second solo show with the gallery. In 2002 the gallery exhibited to great acclaim Smalley's Gymnasium series, also the title of his first monograph. Issued in 2002 by the same noted photographic art book publisher, it was the culmination of ten year's work.

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Luke Smalley's photographs are available in the following sizes:
18 x 24" Edition of 10
30 x 40" Editions of 5

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