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[Kamikaze Nightclub]

September AntiPasto: a roman appetizer (Mike Bidlo, Rolando Briseño, Marina Cappelletto, Peter Drake, Katherine Fishman, Luis Frangella, Don Herron, Ruth Kligman, Marcus Leatherdale, Peter Lourekas, Brad Melamed, Hope Sandrow, Kit-Yin Snyder, David Wojnarowicz, Phyllis Yes, Rhonda, Zwillinger)

ROME, Italy
Via di Ripetta, 22:

The Discovery of America (Mike Bidlo, Rolando Briseño, Marina Cappelletto, Craig Coleman, Pierluigi Consagra, Peter Drake, Kimberly du Ross, R.M. Fischer, Luis Frangella, Judy Glantzman, Rodney Alan Greenblat, Ruth Kligman, Christof Kohlhofer & Marilyn Minter, Mark Kostabi, Marcus Leatherdale, Joe Lewis, Izhar Patkin, Walter Robinson, Hope Sandrow, Kit-Yin Snyder, David Wojnarowicz, Tony W.H. Wong, Rhonda, Zwillinger)

December/January Craig Coleman: Santo Nero

January/February Mike Bidlo: Nature Morte
March/April Rhonda Zwillinger: Tearjerkers
April/May Walter Robinson
May/June Marcus Leatherdale: Photographs, 1983-1986 (Canadian Cultural Center, Rome)
June/July Senza Paura (Without Fear)

60 Thomas Street

December/January Alfredo Pirri

January/February Marina Cappelletto: Still Lifes
February/March Mario Fernandez
March/April Guillermo Conte
April/May Paolo Laudisa: Blue Tigers
May 13th Craig Coleman: Year 8000: A Go-Go Space Adventure
May/June Matt Baumgardner
October Gianni Melotti
November Formation (Pio Galbis, Doug Henders, Jim Napierala)
December Jon Cockrell: Men in Color

March Marcus Leatherdale
March/April Marina Cappelletto
April/May Donald Moffett: Homo Art: I Love It When You Call Me Names
May/June Mario Fernandez

580 Broadway

To Probe & To Push: Artists of Provocation (Mike Bidlo, Félix González-Torres, Larry Johnson, Barbara Kruger, Robert Mapplethorpe, Donald Moffett, Dread Scott, Andres Serrano, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol)
November/December Matt Baumgardner: Totem and Taboo
December Gaudeamus Igitur: The Male Nude in Historic and Contemporary Photography

January Corrado Levi: Milanese Monocle
February Donald Moffett: Oh-Oh-Harder-Oh-Oh
March The Grand Tour: Italian Geo-Romantic (Giovanni Albertini, Stefano Giovanazzi, Marco Lavagetto, Piera Legnaghi, Carlo Marzuttini, Giancarlo Neri, Bruno Sacchetto, Satprakash, Giovanni Sgarbossa)
April Bruce of Los Angeles: The Male Figure: Color Prints by the Physique Photography Master
May/June The Power of Childhood (James Brown, Luisa Chase, Ivan Chermayeff, Gene Davis, Jenny Holzer, Roberto Juarez, Alex Katz, Tom Slaughter, Rhonda Zwillinger, and the art of Young Children; curated by Wickham Boyle; with text by Henry Geldzahler)
June/July Dread Scott: Kinder & Gentler; Marlene McCarty: Shut up! You Shut up!; and, Ridgeway Bennett: Cum Paintings
September Queer - Out in Art, Group Show of 90 Out Artists
October Joe Ziolkowski: “Diuturnal”, New Photographs; and: Adam Rolston: “Sell Homosexuality”
November/December Loring McAlpin: Purple Men; and: Stanley Stellar: Recent Photographs
December/January Bruce of Los Angeles: Vintage Black & White Photographs; and Jose Villarrubia: New Color Photographs

January/February Donald Moffett: Wet Holes; and: Scott Lifshutz: New Paintings
February/March Marina Cappelletto: New Paintings; and: John Dugdale: New Photographs
March/April Luis de Jesus: Warm Cabinet (also, Paul Blanca, Alan Bonicatti, Bruce of Los Angeles, Jon Cockrell, Craig Cowan, John Dugdale, Charles Hovland, Jim Long, Robert Mapplethorpe, Steve Morrison, Jean-Marc Prouveur, Stanley Stellar, Jose Villarrubia, Joe Ziolkowski)
May Lowell Nesbitt: The Male Nude, 1963-1991; and: Alan Bonicatti: Imago
June White Heat: Paintings and Photography (Christopher Ciccone, Luis de Jesus, Rinaldo Hopf, Corrado Levi, Loring McAlpin, Ridgeway Bennett, Adam Rolston, Stephen Schofield, Jose Villarrubia)
September/October Adam Rolston: Trojans; and, Jim Long: Recent Photographs
October/November Joe Ziolkowski: Pressure
November Christopher Ciccone: Figurate
December Physique: 1950-1960, photographs from the collection of Vince Aletti; also, John Dugdale, Steven Morrison, Jose Villarrubia: New Photographs

60 Thomas Street

March/April Bob Mizer/Athletic Model Guild: 1950s Physical Culture Photographs
June/July E. Ira McCrudden: Outsiders: A Celebration, Black & White Photographs

October George Platt Lynes: A New Look, 1931-1955

February/March Jim Long: Recent Photographs
April/May Steven Arnold: Exotic Tableaux of Photographs
June/July Jim French: Still Point
September/October Blake Little: Photographs, 1990-1994
October/November John Dugdale: Lengthening Shadows Before Nightfall
December/January Unfamiliar Exposures: Ten Photographic Visions (Steven Lee Ashmore, Bradley J. Braverman, Vincent Cianni, Erik Hanson, Kary Ka-Che Kwok, Harriet Leibowitz, George Mott, Sharon Steward, Cyndy Warwick, Frank Yamrus)

January/February Andy Warhol: Double Torsos
March/April Erwin Olaf: Ten Years of Photographs
May/June Corrado Levi: Physical Disassociations
June/July Summer, an erroneous perception of reality (48 photographers)
September/October Iké Udé: Celluloid Frames
October/November Nobodies & Somebodies (Mark Beard, Lynn Bianchi, Exum, Allen Frame, Frank Franca, Donna Francis, Keith Kotick, E. Ira McCrudden, Stanley Stellar; curated by John Bennette)
November/January John Dugdale: And Dreamier the Gloaming Grows

January/February George Daniell: Vintage Photographs, 1936-1966
March/April Lisa Young: Stroke
May/June David Bolger: Paintings
June/August Dearest Comrades: Walt Whitman, & Mark Beard, John Dugdale, Robert Flynt, Bill Jacobson, Russell Maynor, Steve Morrison, Frank Yamrus
November/December John Dugdale: Elysium
December Blake Little: Dichotomy (Book-signing and Reception)

242 West 26th Street

February/March Bruce Sargeant: Paintings; and, Mark Beard: Photographs
March/April Matthias Herrmann: Self-Portraits
April/May Adam Rolston: New Works
May/June Howard Roffman: Photographs
June/August George Platt Lynes
September/October An Anonymous Artist, late 20th Century
October/November Bill Costa (1944-1995): Photographs from the Estate
November/January John Dugdale: Illuminato dal Sole

January/February Male (53 + photographers; curated by Vince Aletti)
February/April Bruce Sargeant: Paintings, The Centennial Exhibition;
Mark Beard: Photographs
April/May The Body in Question (Paul Ferman, Jeff Gibson, David Hutchinson,
David Lebe, Marcia Lippman, Blake Little, Marcelo Pontes, Hunter
Reynolds, Anne Zahalka; curated by Francis Packer)
May/June David Bolger: New Paintings
June/August Rinaldo Hopf: Golden Queers, 100 Paintings; and, Pictures for a Summer Afternoon (F. Holland Day, John Dugdale, Max Dupain, Peter Hujar, Herbert List, Duane Michals, Raymond Voinquel, Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden)
September/November Eadweard Muybridge: Men in Motion
November/January John Dugdale: Nature and Spirit

January/February Bruce Cratsley: The Complete Picture
February/March Lon of New York: Devotion to Beauty, a retrospective, male physique photographs, 1948-1998
April/May Jean Cocteau, Artist; & Jean Cocteau, Model
May/June The Influence of the Nineteenth Century Ecole des Beaux-Arts on Three Painters of the Twentieth Century: Hippolyte Alexandre Michallon, Bruce Sargent, Edith Thayer Cromwell, & Brechtholdt Streeruwitz
June/August Jim French: Masc.
September/October Female (93 + photographers; curated by Vince Aletti)
October/November Dale Wittig: A Bunch of Rebellious Slaves
November/January John Dugdale: The Unanswered Question

January/February Ecstasy (Christian Aschman, Bruce of Los Angeles, Matthias Herrmann, Harriet Leibowitz, Andrew Kennedy, Peter Mahoney, Robert Mapplethorpe, Eadweard Muybridge, Glen Walls, William Yang)
February/April Anderson & Low: Recent Photographs
April/May David Halliday
May/June Horst P. Horst: The Male Form
June/August Cool (Anderson & Low, Bruce Cratsley, John Dugdale, Brian English, Robert Flynt, David Halliday, Tom Hawkins, Horst P. Horst, Ron van Dongen)
September/October Wilhelm von Gloeden (1856-1931): Vintage Photographs
October/November Wouter Deruytter: Cowboys and Indians: Brave in the West
November/January John Dugdale: Epic of the Starry Heavens

January/February Ron van Dongen: Vulgaris
February/April Anderson & Low: Athletes and Architecture
April/May Robert Flynt: Double Standard
May/June David Halliday: Landscape and Still Life
June/August 50s Physique (Apollo, Studio Arax, Athletic Model Guild, John Barrington, Bruce of LA, Lon of NY, Douglas of Detroit, Ralph Kelly, Kris, Milo, Bob del Monteque, Dave Martin, George Quaintance, Al Urban, Russ Warner, and Western Photography Guild)

September/October APPEARANCES: Photographic Portraits (Anderson & Low, Mark Beard, Bruce Cratsley, Wouter Deruytter, Robert Flynt, Jim French, Luis González-Palma, David Halliday, Matthias Herrmann, Horst P. Horst, George Hoyningen-Heune, Harriet Leibowitz, Blake Little, George Platt Lynes, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Leni Riefenstahl
October/November Luke Smalley: GYMNASIUM
December The Last Picture Show

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